Weston Goes to Disney

Weston and I have been doing quite a bit of travel together, especially over this past year. I’m being asked to speak more outside of Resonate, and while it’s incredible to see God moving all over the world through Amanda’s story, I don’t ever want my travel to become a root of bitterness in Weston’s heart. I don’t want him equating ministry with his daddy being absent. For that reason, I try to take him with me as much as I can. I also try to do fun and special things with him while we travel. 

I want to be intentional to teach him that Jesus has still blessed us even though we've lost the most important person in our world. I want him to see that we get to go to some fun places because his mommy loved Jesus very much and people are inspired by her life. I want him to see that his mommy lived her life pouring out to others, and that God has called us to do the same - even if that means hopping an airplane every once in a while. He has become quite the experienced world traveler, and he and I are making some great memories on these trips.  

Last month we went on a two-week trip, this time purely for vacation. I kept our location undisclosed and stayed off social media because I wanted to focus on being with Weston. I had spent much of the holiday season getting the book finished up to turn in to my publishers. Needless to say, Weston and I didn’t get a lot of time together the months of November and December. So at the end of January we hopped a flight to Florida and met my parents at Disney World for five of those days! 

I have many people ask me how Weston is doing, so I wanted to give you guys a little glimpse into our Disney trip. I loved seeing his face light up around every turn at every park! It warms my heart to know that, in Christ, he will still be able to grow up with joy - even through the tragedy we’ve had to walk through.

I hope you enjoy scrolling through and watching some of our adventures at Disney!


On the way to the park the first day, Weston was prepping us on who we were going to see when we arrived.

I can’t get over his excitement when he saw the castle at Magic Kingdom for the first time.


His favorite part was meeting all his Disney friends and heroes.


But his favorite character by far was Minnie. I’ve never seen him so blushed! My boy was crushing hard on her!!

The next day daddy had a talk with him about stepping up his game, keeping his cool, and taking the opportunity to give her a kiss if one arises. He definitely took the opportunity!!

You should have seen his little strut after that kiss from Minnie - head held high and on cloud nine for the rest of the day!


He definitely enjoyed all the live shows!


Of course, Finding Nemo, was his favorite!


He was even tall enough to enjoy some of the rides.


I’m pretty sure he beat me in Buzz Lightyear’s Laser Shootout.


I tried to get him to ride this one with me. For some reason he wasn’t too sure about it.


One of the coolest things was to see him observe the random block parties that would break out in the park.


And of course we couldn’t watch too long before we were compelled to join in on the fun!


It was definitely tough to say goodbye to Disney.

And poor guy was EXHAUSTED on the plane ride back home.


We’ll be back for sure. There are many more adventures to be had and memories to be made at Disney!