Nothing is Wasted Story #2

We've received countless stories of how Amanda's story has changed people's lives. I love to hear these because they remind me that NOTHING IS WASTED. I wanted you to see some of these stories too. 

My story's not huge; I didn't necessarily have any life altering moment since hearing this story. HOWEVER, since reading every single blog post, listening to every single message, listening to every single thing that was said about Amanda... Oh my word, how God has worked in my heart! I've always felt that I stood somewhat alone for the most part. I thought maybe I AM just too into this Jesus thing and need to calm down with the whole talking to strangers about Jesus. For that reason (and also that I'm a bit shy) I held back a lot.

But God began to put in me such a desire to start following this story. I began reading more and more and I was hooked. I began reading about Amanda and it was as if God put a magnifying glass on all of those characteristics about Amanda that I needed to know most - that she wasn't AFRAID to stand alone, that she had a resolve. That her life goal was to see as many people come to Jesus before her death. That her desire to have people hear about Jesus TRUMPED her desire for comfort.

I began to read this and felt so guilty. I had let silly comments, or feeling left out, or feeling like I was alone hold me back from something so crucial. Looking back, I know this was a trick of the enemy. He had sized me up and knew my insecurities and I invited those thoughts in. But God countermanded those thoughts as He so patiently began to show me the life of Amanda - that she did the same!

I felt that even if I didn't feel like I fit in with ANYONE else, I fit in with her - even if I had never even met her. Now, I don't care if I'm at work sharing about Jesus with the random guy who just bought cologne from me. Even if someone mocks it. That mock can't be worth more than his eternal life. What IF I'm the only person he'll hear about Jesus from. I want to live my life pushing comfort to the side and embracing the uncomfortable - just like she did.

If you have a story of how Amanda’s story has changed your life please share it with us.