Fini . . .

This principle has been killing me right now . . . I did a post on it a while back and it's probably the most prominent thing God has been teaching me in this season in my life . . . . . . And so for this I have decided to put my blog on hold. I feel it's not worth my time right now. That's not to say I won't pick it up . . . even soon . . . but it will probably be by request.

If you want to follow my life/thoughts, do it here.

Paul took a few years to be developed in ministry before he ever started training and leading other leaders . . . before he ever started writing books or blogging.

Who am I to be dishing out nuggets to you cyberspace wisdom seekers? If you are an avid blog reader here are a few blogs that I stay up on. These people are much more read-worthy than myself:

Perry Noble

Tony Morgan

Brad Cooper

Mark Driscoll

Mark Batterson