How To Read your Bible

I love reading the Bible.

I know. I make that statement and there are probably a handful of different reactions that ensue—whether vocalized or not. 

“Well of course you do, Davey. You’re a pastor. You’re supposed to love it.”

That’s not inherently true, because I haven’t always loved it.

“Well that’s awesome for you. Now I feel like crap because I don’t love it, and I don’t read it as much as I should.” 

That certainly is not my intention, and you’re definitely not alone in feeling like you don’t read it as much as you would like.

“Why? It seems so archaic and difficult to understand!” 

Oh man! The Bible is so rich and full of so much life, wisdom, and goodness! It has major application for our life today!

“I don’t even like to read in general, let alone read something that has trouble engaging my attention.” 

I’d love to say I don't like reading as well and yet found a way to love reading the bible ... but I love to read. And I love reading the Bible. Because I recognize both add immense value to my life.

And then there may be the few that would chime in with agreement.

“Me too!”

I want you to know this post is for ALL of you. 

A couple months ago I was sitting in my living room for our Leadership Bootcamp. This is a monthly gathering of the top thirty or so leaders in our church. I started this group to develop our next tier leaders as our church grows and more ministry responsibility is passed through the leadership layers. We will take three months to go through a book on leadership and during this season we had been going through Leaders Who Last by Dave Kraft. 

I was so excited about diving into discussion on some of the finer points of leadership: delegation, goal-setting, pace of life, managing family and ministry rhythms, having difficult conversations, etc. But the first night discussing this book the previously plotted progress of our conversation came to an abrupt halt as we spun our proverbial tires in the mud of one topic: reading the Bible. I sat and listened to leader after leader admit in openness and honesty that they had trouble reading their Bible on a consistent basis. 

Now, let me first be clear on this. I wasn’t mad. I wasn’t disappointed. I wasn’t frustrated . . . I was just surprised

Here were our top thirty leaders—the folks who were supposed to be leading attendees of our church into a growing, thriving, healthy walk with Jesus—and most of them struggle with have a consistent time with Jesus.

I realized in that moment how important the Bible has been to my life—especially in the last eighteen months. It has been the anchor of truth for my soul in the swirling squall of tragedy. The Bible has been a sweet, refreshing drink to my parched soul. I truly want my congregation (and you) to form a LOVE for, an OBSESSION with, and even an ADDICTION to God’s Word.

Then I began to think about my own faith journey and where and when I began to recognize the importance—no, necessity of regular, consistent time in the Word. It didn’t become a priority to me until I began to understand two things . . . the WHY and the HOW of reading the Bible.

Shortly after the discussion that night I began jotting down some notes on why and how to read the Bible. Then, ironically enough, we received a couple questions on the blog related to the topic. Each were stated almost identically: “I struggle with reading my Bible consistently. How do you read the Bible and begin to understand it?”

What do we do about it?

I went to the drawing board with our team and came up with a plan. Here’s what we decided: 

  • On May 21st I concluded our Moodswingers series with a message on Why We Should Read The Bible. You can watch and/or listen to that message here (

  • Then I recorded an eight-week small group video curriculum called How to Read the Bible.

  • For the next eight weeks (beginning the week of June 4th) our church will be going through this small group curriculum together - if you're in the Indy area ... join us (

  • Also for the next eight weeks I’m challenging everyone in our church to choose a reading plan (we’re offering three different choices) and stick to the plan over the summer.

We’d love to invite you, our extended church family, in on this study

In this small group study, we talk about the why, how, what, when, and where of reading the Bible. I reveal pretty much everything I’ve ever learned on how to read the Bible and how to grow in your love for God’s Word.


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We’ll send subscribers a new video each week for the next eight weeks! I really hope you’ll join us on this journey! I can’t wait to hear how this content improves your personal time with Jesus!


For those of you who love reading the Bible what tips and tricks have you learned to help you stay consistent? Leave us a comment!