Episode 43 - Chris Heuertz


Chris Heuertz

It’s the time of year when most of us are trying to change our lives for the better. But if we want to better ourselves, we first have to know ourselves. Chris Heuertz literally wrote the book on that. The enneagram is a tool used by millions to understand the unique ways God created each of us, and The Sacred Enneagram lays out what this concept means for each of us in our relationship with God and the people around us. Chris sits down with Davey to give an overview of what the enneagram is, how it can be used in healing, and much more.

The Sacred Enneagram is a trustworthy, richly insightful guide to finding yourself in the enneagram’s 9-type profiles, and applying this practical wisdom to transform your life. Far more than a personality test, author Chris Heuertz writes, the enneagram is a sacred map to the soul. The enneagram offers a bright path to cutting through the internal clutter and finding our way back to God and to our true identity as God created us.

Chris’s own journey with the enneagram is an accessible introduction and exploration of how the enneagram can change your life, because to the extent that we are transformed, the world will be transformed.

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