Episode 18- Todd & Kathy Erb pt. 2


Todd & 

Kathy Erb

Three years ago Todd walked into his house to find his worst nightmare and had his entire life turned upside down in a moment. 

Kathy had her life turned upside down almost eight years ago when she lost her husband in an instant.

Both Todd & Kathy have walked through  devastating loss and grief - hear how their stories collide and how they are seeking to find purpose and follow Jesus in the midst of the unexpected and unimaginable.

As I was standing there I remember very specifically feeling as if I was at a crossroads of ... ‘what am I going to do with God?’




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There were two different options ... I was either going to become so angry and so bitter and run as far and fast away from God as I possibly could ...
Or I was going to come to the realization that the only option that I really had was to run as fast as I could TO him and have him embrace me and experience his love. That was my only option.