Episode 42 - The 2018 End of the Year Best of Spectacular

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Episode 22 & 23: Daniel & Brittany Brooker

When Daniel Brooker married his high school sweetheart, there was no way he could have imagined what was in store for his life. She was diagnosed with cancer at 19, and a few years later she passed away, leaving Daniel a single father two children.

While Daniel was grieving the loss of his wife, a total stranger to him was about to walk into the same season. Brittany's husband and the father of her three kids walked out the door on a day like any other. A few hours later she got a call that he had collapsed at work. By the time she made it to the hospital, he was gone.

Daniel and Brittany found each other in the midst of their pain, and before long their two families became one. They sat down with Davey and Kristi for a conversation on loss, remarriage, blending families, and more.

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 22

The reality of eternity became so real as the shock of death came over me.
— Brittany Brooker


Episode 34: Jamie Ivey

As the host of the popular podcast “The Happy Hour” and author of If You Only Knew, Jamie Ivey has had the opportunity to share her story with thousands of people across the world. It’s a powerful story, but like most of ours, it’s not always pretty. Jamie’s story is a moving testimony of failure and redemption, pain and healing, and God’s work through our messes. On this episode, Jamie sits down with Davey to talk about how God has taken the messy parts of her story and redeemed them for His message.

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 34

I’m going to believe that what God says about me is more true than what I feel about myself
— Jamie Ivey


Episode 32:

Matt & Whitney Wheeler

Matt and Whitney Wheeler have a story unlike any other. It started one night when they were both in college. Whitney was away with a group from the school when Matt got a call. There had been an accident on the way back. All but one student on the trip had been killed. That student, he was told, was not Whitney.

Today, several years later, Matt and Whitney sit down together with Davey to share their unbelievable story of tragedy and hope, a picture of God’s love through the church, and a testimony of death to life.

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 32

Whitney was dead … in my mind, in my view she was dead … and then when I saw her for the first time and she was alive … I thought about how dead we are in our sins - that joy I felt and that sadness and all those emotions - and how much more God feels when WE repent.
— Matt Wheeler


Episode 38: Lysa Terkeurst

It might be hard to find a Christian woman in America whose life hasn’t been changed by Lysa TerKeurst. Her organization, Proverbs 31 Ministries, is one of the largest Christian women’s ministries, and thousands upon thousands have been helped by her best-selling books and prolific speaking. But if you think this success translates to an easy life, you’d be wrong. She’s walked through health scares, a cancer diagnosis, her husband’s affair, and so much more. Lysa sits down with Davey to talk about walking with faith through unimaginable hardship

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 38

Sometimes God gives us strength in packages of hardships
— Lysa Terkeurst


Episode 17 & 18: Todd & Kathy Erb

Three years ago Todd walked into his house to find his worst nightmare and had his entire life turned upside down in a moment.

Kathy had her life turned upside down almost eight years ago when she lost her husband in an instant.

Both Todd & Kathy have walked through devastating loss and grief - hear how their stories collide and how they are seeking to find purpose and follow Jesus in the midst of the unexpected and unimaginable.

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 17

There were two different options … I was either going to become so angry and so bitter and run as far and fast away from God as I possibly could … or I was going to come to the realization that the only option that I really had was to run as fast as I could TO him and have him embrace me and experience his love. That was my only option.
— Todd Erb

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