Episode 15 - The End of the Year Best of Spectacular

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Episode 4: Robin Byars & Amber Wilkinson

How would you react if your entire world fell apart? If you lost your best friend, your sister, or your daughter? Why does your reaction matter? Listen to this clip from Robin & Amber's podcast interview and find out why it matters to them that they walk through this season well.

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 4

I want to be more purposeful and aware of how I can help people in their grief.
— Amber Wilkinson


Episode 11: Mike Foster

Do you ever wonder what the purpose is in pain? Why death and loss are necessary in life? Mike & Davey unpack how God wants to use those moments of pain in your life and how you can turn devastation into healing.

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 11

God wants to use those moments to say ‘will you really trust me with the irreplacable loss ... those moments that don’t have the happy ending?’
— Mike Foster


Episode 3: Robin Byars & Amber Wilkinson

From the outside looking in, it may look like the Byars family has never doubted God or had moments of disbelief ... hear Robin's (Amanda's Mom's) response to the question - "have you ever doubted God?"

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 3

If he chooses to use this situation to point other people towards himself ... so be it ... He’s going to do it and I’m going to help him to do it ... to point other people to Jesus through her life.
— Robin Byars


Episode 10: Carlos Whittaker

Why would we settle with nearly coping through life when Jesus intended us to be free? Why would we worry about chasing down the spiders, when we're content to continue clearing out the cobwebs?

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 10

We can be forced to believe that God sent Jesus to die on a cross so we can ‘cope’ ... but that’s just not the case ... he came so that we could be free.
— Carlos Whittaker

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Episode 2: Phil Byars

One of the questions the Byars family and Davey get asked often is about what their relationship will look like now that Amanda is gone and Davey and Weston are moving forward. Phil's answer to that question will encourage and challenge the way you view family.

Listen to the whole episode here: Episode 2

I don’t look at you through an ‘in-law’ filter ... I look at you as my son.
— Phil Byars

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1. What are some things you definitely should say and some things you definitely shouldn't say to someone who is grieving?

2. What are some dreams & plans you have for 2018 right now?

3. What does forgiveness look like practically? What would you say the stages of forgiveness look like?

4. How do you know when it's time or that it's time to move on? Why should I share my pain? Does that make me weak?




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