Episode 70 - Julie Dodson

We often idealize marriage, but real marriage never quite looks like the ideal. We’re all imperfect humans, and putting two broken people together doesn’t magically solve everything. In her thirty years as a professional counselor, Julie Dodson has seen the challenges of marriage firsthand in the lives of many of her clients, including Davey and Kristi. Julie sits down with Davey to share some of the things she’s learned about how we can thrive in our marriages and other relationships with those around us.


Go into your marriage assuming that you’re going to give 100%, because if both spouses are always willing to give 100%, then there’s never a lack.
— Julie Dodson

If we really want to understand what somebody else is thinking, or experiencing, or feeling, our best option is to just close our mouths ... and just listen.
— Julie Dodson