Episode 62 - Tim and Denise Harlow

There’s an old joke that pastors only work one hour a week. While anyone who’s ever been around a church can probably tell just how far from the truth that is, perhaps not many people know how hard ministry can be as well as Tim and Denise Harlow. Tim is the senior pastor of Parkview Christian Church, and he and wife Denise have walked through more than their share of the disappointments, discouragement, and pain that come with devoting your life to ministry. Tim and Denise sit down with Davey to talk about their story and the lessons they’ve learned in every season of ministry.


Keep your eyes on Jesus. People will disappoint you, Jesus never will.
— Tim and Denise Harlow

What Made Jesus Mad.jpg

Christians love to focus on the gentle and tender heart of Jesus.

We often don’t know what to do with the Bible’s stories of his righteous rage. Yet the truth is, while the Son of God was loving and tender, his words could be equally sharp and biting. The same man who said, “Love your enemies” (Matthew 5:44) also said, “You snakes, how will you escape being condemned to hell?” (Matthew 23:33). 

What if, by coming to understand God’s holy anger, we come to know a savior we never knew before? With compelling storytelling and enlightening examinations of Scripture, Tim Harlow journeys through the gospels and looks at what, and who, ignited Jesus’ anger. He asks, how can we respond like Jesus when good intentions, prejudices and judgments, traditions and rules, and selfish and joyless people conspire to keep others from God’s presence? 

Retelling Bible stories in a refreshing, eye-opening way, Harlow offers an unforgettable reintroduction to the true character of Jesus and invites us to get to know the savior who was gracious but also blunt, sometimes sarcastic, and wildly passionate about bringing people to the heart of God.