Episodes 54 & 55 - Jeff and Mackenzie Rollins

Jeff and Mackenzie Rollins are not content to see their ministry confined to the mission fields they’ve worked on. While they’ve served as full-time missionaries overseas, they’ve taken their calling far beyond that. On and off the mission fields, they’ve made it their mission to intentionally spread the Gospel and build a strong community wherever they are. But that community would be put to the test when tragedy struck the Rollins’ young family. Jeff and Mackenzie sit down with Davey to share their powerful story.


God knows exactly what he has for us, and if we’re willing to step into it he will give us what we’re ready to receive.

There’s this false idea in our society today that we have to like everything about God to accept him as God, and that’s just not true.


At Hope Family Care, we walk with families who have lost a child as they learn to navigate their pain and grief while bringing hope and healing. Each family is supported through personal communication, receiving of Hope Bags, family retreats and events, support tailored to their individual needs, and connection with other families who have experienced a similar loss.

We believe no family should have to walk through the loss of a child on their own. Hope Family Care provides community that families need as they move forward though their loss in a healthy way.

A lot of times we don’t hear from God because he’s already given us the command to go, and he’s already put in our hearts the desire to do something.

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