Pain to Purpose Video Course

Meet your Guide - Davey Blackburn

In November of 2015, Davey Blackburn’s wife Amanda was killed in a home invasion, along with their unborn child. As the lead pastor of a church plant in Indianapolis and the father of his 15 month-old son, Weston, Davey was forced to not only live through this tragedy, but learn to lead others through pain as well. Throughout the journey, God walked Davey on a path of healing that he couldn’t have orchestrated for himself. Now Davey has curated the principles he learned into an 11 session video course to help you live, learn, and lead through pain. In the video course Davey walks you from point ‘A’ to point ‘Z’ of navigating your valley, helping you uncover the things God wants to teach you, and leading you to a renewed sense of purpose out your pain.


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why is there pain and suffering in the world?
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Grief is a difficult road to navigate and not many people are well equipped. I was convinced that I was too weak, too incomplete, and too damaged to live the life God has for me after I lost my husband. But this coaching has helped equip me with practical tools and valuable knowledge - to keep walking forward, one step at a time, in God’s truth and in His strength. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited to pursue God’s great plan for my life.
— PJ Bowman, North Carolina
When I started the coaching process I felt like I was in the ocean drowning under the impact of all the waves. I had a “woe is me” mentality as I was tossed to and fro. I felt so stuck and didn’t know how to get my head above water. After these twelve weeks with Davey, I feel equipped to face the trials and pain of life. I’m no longer being ruled by the waves of trial, but am learning to sail the seas.
— Anna Meng, Ohio

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