I moved to Indianapolis, IN in 2012 with my wife, Amanda, to start a church that would connect people to Jesus who have been disconnected from Him and His church. For 3 long years we've worked hard to reach people for Jesus and what's come of that work is Resonate Church.

On the morning of November 10th, 2015 I came home from the gym to discover Amanda had been shot during a home invasion while our 15 month old was in his crib upstairs. She passed away in the hospital twenty-four hours later. Since that day Weston and I have been walking a road I would have never chosen for us or anyone else.


Before her death Amanda had created quite a business following by restoring old furniture and home decor. She believed nothing was wasted and anything could be restored into a treasure.  Now I spend every waking moment following Jesus into his plan to restore this tragedy into something beautiful. My story is played out in the light of a greater Story - Jesus' Story. Scripture tells me in Jesus' Story Nothing is Wasted, even the most tragic of situations.

This website is somewhat of a memoir to invite you in on our journey. It brings me a lot of healing and a renewed sense of purpose to know that my pain could be used to serve and help you in yours. Truly, Nothing is Wasted.

Watch Amanda's Celebration of Life Service